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Digital Products from Idea to Implementation

We specialize in developing modules for CMS and CRM, parsers,
web services, complex integrations for e-commerce

12 Years in Business

About Us in Numbers

  • 12 Years in Business

    We have been successfully developing projects since 2011

  • >100Projects

    We are trusted by LG, Alfa-Bank, InSales, Lexus, Avon, QIWI

  • >10Million Transactions

    Our users make more than 10 million transactions annually

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Project Stages


Product Interview

We discuss the idea and goals of the project, propose a solution, formulate a concept and technical requirements for development.


Analytics, Drawing up a Work Plan

We determine the stages of the project, draw up a work plan, establish a list and sequence of actions at each stage, create an estimate and determine the time frame for the project.


Team Selection

We select specialists from our team with relevant experience and competencies for this project. We define roles and distribute responsibilities.


Project Implementation

We carry out development with constant quality control and compliance with established deadlines at each stage. We maintain constant interaction and, if necessary, adjust the work process. Your personal manager is always in touch.


Project Launch

We carry out final testing and debugging, transfer the initial data and launch the project on the production server. We plan further support and development of the product.

Our Principles

7 principles that we strictly follow

Advanced Processes and Technologies

We continuously improve processes and skills - this helps in working on projects. It is important for us to remain experts in our field.

Transparency of Work

Planning and work on the project is carried out transparently for the customer. We talk about all the risks and problems. Honest dialogue helps a project succeed.

Focus on the Client's Business

We completely immerse ourselves in the client’s business, studying all aspects. In the decision-making process, we try to see the situation through the eyes of the customer.

Reasonable Prices

We do not inflate prices, but we also do not offer cheap solutions. This allows us to maintain high professionalism in the team and delight clients with excellent results.

Support Guarantee

We carry out all stages of the project with high quality and complete them to the end, solving the client’s problem. After completion of the project, we provide documentation and provide reliable support, without leaving clients alone with the developed modules or systems.

First Analysis, then Action

Any development process begins with a thorough analysis, each step must be expedient and effective.

Strict Control of Deadlines

We value both our clients’ time and our own, so we carefully plan tasks and monitor deadlines.

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